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Renamed or Closed

Arlington Avenue

Image credit Newark Library Digital Archive Address: 13 Arlington Ave. Opened: 1924 Closed:  1990s? Later in building: Ridge Street ECC, Arlington Avenue Alternative School

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Colored School

(1889 atlas) Address: 122 Commerce Street (1878) 1852 is the approximate date of the establishment of the first public colored school in Newark (prior to that date there was no formal policy of segregation, with the few children of color attending the same schools as other children. The first “colored school” was located in the basement…

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Redirection High School

Address: 131 13th Avenue Opened: 1990 Merged: With Alternative High School 1995. Earlier in building: Robert Treat/13th Avenue, Marcus Garvey

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Marcus Garvey

Address: 131 13th Avenue Opened: 1965 (district school: 1970) Closed: 1981 Reopened: 1985 (elementary school) Closed: 1990 In 1965 the African Free School was established on the 3rd floor of the school, founded by Le Roi Jones (Amiri Baraka). In 1970 the African Free School becomes a district school, renamed Marcus Garvey School. Earlier in building:…

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Newark Public School of Fine and Industrial Arts

Address: 550 MLK Blvd. (current) Opened: 1882, became Newark Public School of Fine and Industrial Arts (1928) Original Name: School of Fine Arts Integrated into Arts High School (1931) Famous Alumni William Armstrong Leo Dee Carla Dunlap Henry Gasser Douglas Kolk Adolf Ferdinand Konrad Donald Martin Eli Reed Bill Sienkiewicz Griffith (Grif) Teller Charles Waterhouse

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Fawcett School of Fine Arts

(1911 atlas) Addresses: Commerce Street, 55-57 Academy St. Opened: 1882 (Commerce Street), 1897 (55-57 Academy Street) Renamed Newark Public School of Fine and Industrial Arts (1928) Integrated into Arts High School (1931)

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